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The Best Hair Extensions at Stephen Alexander Hairdressing Salon in Chelmsford

If you're on a quest for long, luscious locks that are full of volume - hair extensions at Stephen Alexander Hairdressing may just be for you!  

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your hair by adding volume, length and colour. We offer the best hair extensions at our salon in Chelmsford using the Nano-ring application method, which you can find out more about below. 

Before you begin your hair extensions journey with us, we recommend booking in for a complimentary consultation at the salon. During this no-obligation appointment, we can discuss your desires, give you a quote and explain all you need to know about extensions. Hair extensions are bespoke to each individual, and prices therefore vary depending on your natural hair.

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Hair Extensions at Stephen Alexander Hairdressing Salon Chelmsford, Essex

How Does The Nano Ring Hair Extensions Method Work?

The Nano ring application process involves carefully placing individual strands of hair extensions to small sections of the hair, then securing them with a tiny, discreet, metal nano ring - making this method of application perfect for those with finer hair. Our nano rings come in a variety of colours, allowing for a seamless blend. Unlike many other hair extensions application methods, nano rings do not require heat or glue and are in turn kinder and gentler to your hair. 

How Long Should My Nano Ring Hair Extensions Last?

Your Nano ring hair extensions should last between three and four months, with regular salon maintenance and the right home haircare routine. Your Stephen Alexander Hairdressing stylist will talk you through the best home routine to keep your hair extensions in their optimum condition, and will recommend the best products to ensure longevity.

Can I Use Hair Extensions To Add Colour To My Hair?

Absolutely! Another benefit of the Nano hair extensions application method is that we can create a bespoke look by placing different strands of colour to add depth and dimension.

Book Your Hair Extensions Appointment at Stephen Alexander Hairdressing Salon in Chelmsford

Please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation to discuss your new look at our hair extensions salon in Chelmsford. Contact us today to book in for your consultation or use our quick and easy online booking service here.